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The idea of establishing BHRC was formed in 1971 in the framework of “United Nations Development Program (UNDP)”, until 1973, which is the beginning of BHRC formal activities, research duties on building and housing were being fulfilled by “the department of building studies and regulations” at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHUD). In 1971, this duty was transferred to the BHRC based on an agreement between “MHUD” and “UNDP”. In 1973, BHRC started its formal activities after completion of construction activities of BHRC administrative building and laboratories for physics and chemistry of materials.

The proposed article of association of the center was ratified by the parliament in 1977. BHRC has been affiliated to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development till 2012. Following the merger of the two ministries of “Road and Transportation” and “ Housing and Urban Development” into Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in the late 2012, all the research and training centers affiliated to the previous ministries which include: “Research Center for Urban Development and Architecture (founded in 1999)”, “Transportation Institute (founded in 2003)”, “Tar and Bitumen Institute (founded in 1998)”, “Community College of Shahid Tafvizi (founded in 1928)”, “Community College of Loushan (founded in 1963)”, “Training and Research Institute of Building and Urban Development in BHRC” were all merged into a new research identity titled as “ Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center” BHRC, as the unique official Iranian research organization in the field of building and housing, is responsible for studying and research on relevant problems associated with construction activities in the country. The BHRC objectives and functions, which have been designed based on its articles of association, are as the followings:

Objectives for establishment of BHRC is “centralized provision and execution of research programs on building and housing by innovation of new methods and techniques, provision and publication of codes of practice and their application instructions, issuance of technical certificate for building products, provision of technical guidance in construction and housing in compliance with national requirements, climatic and local considerations and also by consideration of the need for industrialized construction within the country”.

The center with relying on 40 years of scientific and training experience is known as a research and scientific authority across the country. The center has played its role in development plans of the country in the fields of transportation, housing and building, architecture and urban development by dissemination of the research process and their results.


Therefore, BHRC as a national and a research center in relevant research fields in the country has always attempted to identify obstacles and problems and in research programs and especially in conducting research and applicable plans, improving the quality, capacity, scientific and technical capabilities in the fields of transportation, building and housing, architecture and urban development. Presently, the center formed an effective and competent set by gathering competent managers, hiring experts, qualified staff, research facilities and equipped labs.



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