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IT Department


Organizations and companies have been dramatically influenced by advent of Information Technology. In order to keep up with the changes, BHRC has established Information Technology Department for the purpose of information dissemination and communication facilitation. 
The department functions under supervision of the presidency office. After officially imparting the center’s organizational chart in 1999, the department was established and has been responsible for the following duties: hardware and software equipment, repair, maintenance, software and hardware security, network management and resolving technical issues of the center’s portal, supervising automation software and its access, supervising the proper conduct of the software contracts between the center and software developing companies and requesting the purchase of new computer equipment. 


- Providing computer software and hardware;

- Computerizing Administrative and specialized systems;

- Providing Intranet and Internet outside of the center for the staff;

- Providing and maintaining the center’s Intranet and Internet connections;

- Developing software databases for the staff;

- Updating the center’s portal with the latest scientific achievements;

- Maintenance of computer hardware, software and network connections;

- Supervising and evaluating the security of the Intranet and the center’s Internet connections;

- Implementation of ratifications of the center’s data security committee;

- Troubleshooting the user’s problems;

- Maintenance of the center’s servers;

- Analyzing and evaluating the users’ level of access;

- Analyzing and developing the network infrastructures and network services;

- Periodical software and data backups;

- Providing technical consultancies on purchase of computer hardware and software;

- Implementation and realization of Digital Government.

IT Department


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