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Public Relation and International Affairs


Public Relationship Department

Public relationship is a set of planned activities and endeavors in order to attract the public cooperation and mutual understanding between an organization and stakeholders. The Public Relationship Department of BHRC relies on expertise, cooperation and information dissemination to help improving efficiency of the center.

- awarding public  from the objectives, responsibilities and activities;

- policy making, planning and considering suitable methods to reflect the center’s policies and activities;

- collecting, summarizing and analyzing the comments and viewpoints of the people, authorities about the activities of the center and reporting them to the president;

- cooperation with media and news agencies in order to reflect the activities and disseminate the latest research outcomes;

- organizing annual news programs between the media and the president and other authorities in the center;

- organizing predefined appointments with the president, legal entities and the public;

- cooperation and coordination with public relationship departments of organizations and companies;

- providing basic information about the center to the guests and clients in different languages;

- resolving questions, complaints and criticisms
- participating in important meetings of the center to be informed of the policies, guidelines, plans and procedures;

- organizing the official meetings and preparing their reports and minutes;

- cooperation with different departments to hold and organize seminars, gatherings and technical meetings
- proposing to participate in national and international technical exhibitions;

- organizing the visits to the center by organizations, scientific and research centers;

- putting up banners at commemorations and special events;

- implementing the comprehensive plan for installing notices in order to promote cultural environment;

- preparing the events’ calendar of the center;

- producing TV commercials on advertising the activities of the center and documentation of the center’s activities and research achievements
- preparing, compiling and reviewing the articles required for the center’s brochures and bulletins;

- preparing posters, banners, placards upon especial national, cultural and religious events;

- compilation and dissemination of news and reports on the centers’ policies, activities, plans and guidelines;

- preparing the annual and periodical performance reports;

- Publication of the center’s journals;

- collecting the public opinions about the center and reflecting suitable solutions to the managements;

- enforcing all the responsibilities related to the center’s portal and intranet.

International Affairs Department

The department is in charge of enforcing policies, strategies and plans about international cooperation between the center and international entities. This cooperation is conducted in compliance with the International Affairs Department of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. This cooperation are regional, bilateral and multilateral.

Additionally, cooperation with organizations and counterpart center in different countries and preparing plans, MOUs and international contracts are among the major responsibilities of the department.
- Bilateral and multilateral cooperation at regionally and internationally;

- Linking and contacting counterpart research centers and universities;

- Introducing the center at the international level;

- Providing opportunities on research cooperation in common projects with universities, organizations and NGOs;

- Learning from the experience of international research centers;

- Presenting the information on international seminars, conferences and technical meetings to the relevant researchers.

Public Relation and International Affairs Departments


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