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Isfahan Province Regional Office


Isfahan Regional Cooperation Office was opened by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and the president of BHRC in July 2014 in Isfahan headquarter office of Roads and Urban Development.

The office was established based on an MoU between BHRC and Isfahan headquarter office of Roads and Urban Development and Isfahan Construction Engineering Organization.



Developing research and training activities in the fields of building, architecture, urban development and transportation;

Quality improvement in different fields of transportation;

Publicizing the culture of saving energy in housing industry;

Improving construction quality by observing National Building Codes;

Establishing a linkage between the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, professors and researchers.



Conducting research projects with assistance from scientific potential in Isfahan in cooperation with scientific centers and universities;

Research and scientific cooperation in renewable energies and improving efficiency and decreasing energy consumption in building industry in Isfahan;

A constructive interaction between the region’s engineers and Department of National Building Codes Compilation of BHRC;

Applying scientific capacity of the province in compilation of rules and regulations of buildings via engineer’s comments and agreement of Department of National Building Codes Compilation of BHRC;

Cooperation in supervising the quality of special projects in the province;

Cooperation in introducing credible labs of the province for conducting tests required for granting technical certificates as a lab partner of regional site;

Cooperation in conducting tests, studies and researches for evaluation of strength, quality and accordance of building materials with National Building Codes for granting technical certificate;

Providing technical and scientific services and publicizing National Building Code in the province;

Cooperation and interaction with communities and professional societies in the fields of transportation in order to improve supervision quality;

Organizing training courses on behalf of BHRC in coordination with the Vice-Presidency of Training and Technology Development in BHRC;

Cooperation in holding technical exhibitions;

Cooperation in developing new technologies (materials, products and systems) according to the rules and regulations approved by BHRC;

Organizing Training, research and technology Council in the province, and improving efficiency with assistance of scientific board members of universities and competent experts in the province;

Interaction with elites of the province in line with preparing regional development plans and implementing them. 

Isfahan Province Regional Office


Dr. H. Hojati

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Isfahan Province Regional Office, Next to Freiburg St., Isfahan, IRAN. 

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