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 Studying environmental conditions of different parts of the country such as physical conditions (weather, geographical conditions etc.) or social and economic conditions in order to use them in building researches and engineering of the environment are important responsibilities of BHRC. Therefore, the center has taken steps to achieve its objectives by establishing regional offices in different parts of the country. One of these regional offices was established in Persian Gulf with the objectives of studying and conducting developmental and practical researches according to the climatic conditions of Persian Gulf region in Bandar Abbas.

Since 1996, several researches have been conducted on durability of concrete. As there was a need for a location for conducting lab tests and tidal wave labs, the first regional center was established in Bandar Abbas. The labs and administrative office buildings of this center is located in an area of 17000 square meters in Shahid Rajaee harbor road between Shahid Rajeee and Shahid Bahonar Harbors in the coast of Persian Gulf. In 2006, the center commenced its activities independently. Presently, the center conducts researches on durability of concrete, seismic studies, geotechnics, marine studies and transportation and building systems.



Compilation of instructions and codes applicable for the region;

Conducting research and providing consultancies services in order to deal with the construction problems of the region;

Conducting lab services;

Organizing technical training courses;

Membership in technical workgroups in Hormozgan Province.



Meeting with all administrative organizations of the province in order to recognize their research and educational needs and coordination with them in technical and consultancy meetings;

Cooperation and facilitation of communication with engineers, companies and regional offices;

Study and need analysis of the province and the region and converting them to research projects in coordination with BHRC;

Information dissemination of research findings and BHRC activities by organizing technical training courses, seminars and  meetings in the province;

Conducting practical researches on construction issues and providing technical and lab services;

Constructive interaction with research centers, technology parks, universities and regional administrative bodies;



Research Activities

Estimation site of earthquake destruction in Bandar Abbas

Seismic geotechnic microzonation of Bestak City;

Study and design of construction methods, maintenance and development of concrete and bitumen coverings technology;

Studying the effects of spacers used for impermeability and durability of concrete;

Studying the methods of decreasing construction costs of bridges considering the effect of soil and structure interaction;

Disaster management and mitigation of risk of Transportation Sites of Hormozgan;

Design criteria of mosques for hot and humid climates;

Studying development methods of transportation in Hormozgan;

Studying long term durability of concrete with cement and various pozzolans in climatic conditions of Persian Gulf (third phase- study and evaluation of the results till 8 years)

Studying durability of reinforced beams under loading in Persian Gulf environment and simulation methods in labs;

The environmental effect and construction methods on quality and durability of concrete in Persian Gulf;

Concluding research contracts of “ judging microzonation of 5 counties in Hormozgan Province;


Lab Activities

Launching concrete lab in Persian Gulf regional office;

Reconstruction of machines of water permeability under pressure on concrete, concrete jacks, shaker etc.

Construction of a platform for samples of tidal waves of concrete in sea in an area of 120 square meters;

Construction of stone tide breakers with 15m long and 2m high in southern part of reserving the samples;

Constructing access roads of concrete samples at the length of 100m and width of 4m;

Construction and transportation of large scale beams in Shahid Rajaee harbor;

Constructing projects concrete samples of the effects of workshop conditions on concrete in Persian Gulf;

Observing monthly records and conducting various test and projects;

Periodical cleansing of existing concrete samples at tidal conditions.

Persian Gulf Site


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