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Management Development & Resources vice Presidency


Management and Resources Development Vice-Presidency of BHRC, since the establishment of the center in 1973, has been  in charge of supporting training, research and executive units with the aim of providing staff-specialized services to develop organization and management and improve the management of human, financial, physical resources.

 This Vice-Presidency carries out its activities using the most efficient management and administration systems and methods considering the essential role of human resources in organizational development and paying attention to the employee’s improvement, justice, dynamics, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, creativity, accountability and adherence to the rules and regulations in support of organizational activities.


- Imparting policies and defining standards for all of the activities under the supervision (support, administrative and services, financial planning, budget and organization, etc.) and establishing systematic and planned procedures for the implementation and monitoring activities;

- Directing and organizing the improvement of processes and procedures as well as attracting, retaining and upgrading human resources;

- Directing and supervising the implementation of all the decisions and administrative, financial, employment, welfare and budget regulations;

- Planning and action to provide the context for development and construction services needed to departments;

- Supervising the preparation and implementation of the budget in accordance with the rules, regulations, circulars and instructions;

- Supervising all the domestics and foreign purchases;

- Supervising the management performance.

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