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General Office of Human Resources & Procurements


This headquarters is affiliated to the vice-presidency of Development of Management and Resources. The headquarters is responsible for supporting the training and research activities of the center with regard to hardware and software. The organizational structure of this headquarters was ratified in December of 2015. 

- Hiring staff, administrative and welfare affairs of faculty board members and office staff and their families;

- Recruiting within the framework of human resources planning, ratified budget and relevant rules;

- Office works of promotion, demotion and retirement of faculty board members and the staff;

- Constant observation of human resources in the center and proposing staff movement in order to provide the needs of human resources;

- Developing databanks of staff personal information and analyzing the data to get appropriate statistical reports;

- Recording and updating the staff information and saving records related to their documents;

- Supervising delegated duties in line with suitable enforcement of rules and regulations in the affiliated divisions;

- Preparing reports on staff punching in and out and presenting their monthly reports;

- Recruiting and employing elite soldiers;

- Related affairs of staff social security and people in their custody;

- Affairs related to staff training and training needs assessment, preparing the layout of the course contents and presenting annual performance reports;

- Conducting evaluation plans and categorizing jobs (performance evaluation sheets);

- Affairs related to main secretariat of the center;

- Receiving, recording and distributing correspondences;

- Complete supervision on the office correspondences and referring them to the appropriate departments and divisions; 

- Management of the center’s call center, restaurant, green spaces and general services;

- Coordination with department in purchase of domestic and international orders;

- Supervising the order list of departments and complying them with the rules and regulations;

- Procuring the required equipment of labs and purchase of maintenance services and calibration of equipment;

- Preparing the purchase documents of equipment and submitting them to the Financial Department;

- Planning and managing stocks and supervising maintenance and storage of purchased goods, registering orders, customs clearance;

- Planning, supervising and conducting affairs related to purchase and maintenance of the center’s vehicles such as their insurance, providing traffic plans, etc.

- Supervision on the good conduct of services in the center.

The headquarters was previously functioning under two titles of “Administration Office” and “Procurement and Stock Department”. Presently, the headquarters functions under 3 titles of “Administration, Welfare and Staff Training”, “Procurement and Stock” and “Department of Support and Services”.

General Office of HumanResources & Procurements


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