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Planning and Organizing Department


Up until 1994, the budget and organization affairs of the center were administrated by the vice-presidency of Administration and Budget and the research contracts were organized and concluded in the Department of Research Management, as a result the information was not organized. After that, planning and budgeting affairs in the center were managed officially and for the first time in February 1995 in the office of “Planning and Information Management” under supervision of the presidency office.

 The department was merely responsible for presenting statistical reports, evaluation of operations, and conclusion of the contracts; the responsibilities of organizing, budgeting and enhancements issues were parts of Administration and Financial Department responsibilities. Following the approval of the organizational chart in 1998, the planning, budgeting and organizing issues were managed under the title of “Organization and Budget Unit” under supervision of Executive Vice-presidency which in the final detailed organizational plan, the unit was established with the merger of Planning Management and Information Management and as a result the department of “Planning and Organization and Budget” was established.

 In 2012, following the establishment of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development all the research and training centers were merged in BHRC and the center was renamed to “Roads, Housing and Urban Development Research Center”. In 2013 and with reference to article 29 of the Law of the Country’s Service Management the organization of the center was amended and the management was established under title of “Department of Planning and Organization” with the responsibilities of budgeting, organizing, planning, contracts, analysis of the systems and processes and amending the practices.  

The department as one of the major elements and one of the major departments in the vice-presidency of Management and Resources Development in the center employs competent and committed staff in two vice presidencies of organization, administration transformation, planning and budgeting which holds the following key responsibilities:
Compilation of long-term, mid-term and short-term plans of human resources, reengineering, analysis and design of the systems and practices, procedures etc. for the purpose of amendment and optimization of administrative systems and human resources in the center;

Conducting all the issues of organizational structure, goals, duties, missions and detailed organization of the center;

Managing the secretariat of Administration Transformation Commission and all the duties related to transformation plans in the administrative system of the center;

Compilation of long-term and short-term plans and combining the plans as short-term and annual plans;

All the budgeting affairs (preparing the budget bill draft, MOUs, allocations, amendment of the agreements, etc.)

All the affairs related to concluding, imparting, renewing, modifying, terminating etc. of the contracts in purchase of consultancy fees, purchase of goods and equipment and research, study, training etc.  activities to the legal and third persons and imparting the approval of the research projects to the contractors in and out of the center;

Preparing and proposing codes and required instructions and amending codes and existing instructions in the center in cooperation with relevant departments in order to follow the ratification process;

Request the submission of the development reports and the latest status of the contracts, MOUs, agreements and other transactions in the center conducted by managers and vice-presidents;

Developing databanks of the contracts in the center.


Planning and Organizing Department


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