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Print & Publication Department


Publication and Print Department is a subset of vice-presidency of Development of Management and Resources. The designated duties of the division are as the following: printing books, scientific works, national codes, technical reports, research findings, journals and etc. 



Print and Publication Department of the center tries to realize the following goals by printing and publishing written, digital and electronic works:
Introducing new research findings, exchange of valuable experiences, new technologies and broadening the human knowledge;  

Enriching knowledge of the managers, experts and ,authorities and university figures in the fields of roads, transportation, housing, architecture and urban development;

Facilitating the availability and access to the valuable scientific works and applied research findings;

Encouraging researchers, authors and university translators, elites and authorities in the field of transportation, housing, architecture and Urban Development to write and compile valuable and applicable scientific works

Institutionalizing the culture of reading and making decision based on scientific works.

Printing rules, regulations, codes and standards of roads, transportation, housing, architecture and urban development;

Printing research findings and their reports;
Printing authentic scientific works and translated scientific works;
Printing books and reference books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias; 
Printing technical periodicals;
Printing conference proceedings and presentations;
Printing literature of researches and their studies; 
Printing and exchange of valuable experiences, new technologies and new knowledge;
Printing technical, periodical and scientific reports;
Other printable works. 

Print & Publication Department


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