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Technical Affairs & Workshop Department


The Department is a subsidiary of Management Development and Resources vice-presidency and is responsible for maintenance of infrastructures and installations of roads and buildings in the center. The department supports the centers relying on its technicians and engineers in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, mechanics and technicians of electrical and mechanical installations, welding and carpentry. Some of the activities of the department include: developing labs, office spaces, design of building exteriors and access roads. 



Installing, repairing and maintained of all devices and lab systems;

Reading instruction manual of the lab systems and electronic systems;

Designing and drafting the lab devices and machineries required for research departments;

Installation and making molds required for different research departments;

Making wooden molds required for testing courses;

Directing all carpentry, welding, lathing and smithy workshops;

Map reading and making metal molds in different sizes according to the maps;

Maintenance and repair of all structures in the center and modifying the existing structures according to the needs of the center;

Providing office spaces according to the requirements and observance of center’s labs;

Equipping the building workshops and supervision on construction of center’s labs;

Conducting and following the civil works in the center;

Technical Affairs & WorkshopDepartment


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