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Laboratory Services & Technical Certificate Department


One of the main issues in industrialization of building construction is using high quality and durable materials. Technical certificate ensures quality assessment of materials, building products, building systems and mechanical building installations. Additionally, it is an ensured way to publicize superior quality products so that not only better producers are supported but also it functions as a guide for customers to recognize high quality products. 

According to the article of association of BHRC, evaluation and assessment of products and construction procedures are defined as it is responsibility. The duty is conducted by establishing the department of engineering services and holding technical certificates committees in the center since 1991 and the first technical certificate was granted for certain products in 1996. 

In the last decade with regard to industrialization in Iran, technical certificate has been paid more attention to and with regard to technical and scientific background of BHRC and also development of lab equipment, evaluation and assessment of products and building systems have been made possible, the result of which is granting technical certificate for 27 categories of building products and mechanical installations. 

BHRC acts as a medium between producers and customers of building products and tries to improve quality of building products by granting the certificate to quality products. 

The department acts as an intermediary between the center and industries involved in manufacturing building materials, products, systems and mechanical installations. The department with the objective of improving the quality of construction in the country grants technical certificates and provides technical consultancies.

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of building products in the country in order to provide consultancies for the improvement purposes and grant technical certificates for the products complied with the standards defined by the center;
Supervising the labs in the center and having them maintained and calibrated or procured replacements;
Consideration of the requests submitted to the center for receiving engineering services, lab and technical certificate services;   
Following up the center’s commitments regarding technical certificates;
Facilitating the interaction of manufacturers and the center’s research departments for the purpose of improving the quality of building products;
Setting the engineering and labs services’ tariffs in cooperation with the vice-presidencies; 
Concluding MOUs between the center and certified counterpart labs;
Raising awareness of the public regarding the significance of technical certificates in building products.  

Technical Certificate
Technical certificate is a document which is granted to a building product in accordance with national codes and standards for a certain period of time. Receiving the certificate requires products that meet the national standards and codes. This certificate supports National Building regulations and is exclusively issued by BHRC and shows that materials, products and building systems are in accordance with the codes and rules. Technical certificate is a sure way to recognize quality of materials, building products and systems and mechanical installations. 

General Approval 
General Approval is a document according to which using new construction technologies and their requirements are approved. In fact, in order to issue technical certificate for a technology, in cooperation with research departments in BHRC, standards and credible international documents in the fields of structure durability, fire resistance, suitable performance in transferring noise, heat, humidity, etc. are evaluated. Also, provided that a technology is introduced for the first time nationally or internationally, their behavior characteristics are recognized by defining comprehensive research projects. Following that, if the technology is applicable for the country, rules of using it is define and announced. 

Laboratory Services & Technical Certificate Department


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