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Research Affairs Department


Research Affairs Department is principally in charge of implementing BHRC research policies. The department supervises the conduct of research projects. Additionally, it is responsible for holding Research Committees and technical meetings in order to present the research outcomes achieved by the research projects. Furthermore, the department develops research projects databanks. 



Training in the fields of road, housing and urban development and transportation in order to improve and update technical knowledge of engineers and experts in the fields of new technologies, technical science and technology in the relevant fields (such as safety, saving energy, structure and earthquake, risk, protecting against fire, acoustics, architecture and urban development, dilapidated patterns, transportation systems, materials, bitumen and tar, etc.), rules and regulations, codes and standards, dissemination of research findings and achievements etc. by organizing training courses, conferences, meetings, lectures, technical workshops and virtual courses.




Defining and implementing research policies;


Research needs assessment in order to direct research teams;


Prioritizing the research needs according to the center’s policies;


Supervision on good conduct of the research projects;


Setting rules and regulations of delegating research projects, conducting projects and reports from assessment committees;


Developing research projects and researcher’s databanks;


Drawing up research contracts according to imparted instructions, tariffs and regulations;


Following up the resolutions made by research panels;


Presenting the reports to research panels;


Preparing annual reports of conducted researches;


Facilitating the conduct of research projects by identifying the obstacles and planning for tackling them;


Organizing technical and research committees.


Major Research Issues

 (In coordination with the Supreme Council for Research and Technology)

Preparing Transportation Master Plan at national and provincial levels;

Preparing Transportation Safety Master Plan;

Preparing and implementing a master plan to reduce the risks of transport systems (road, rail, port and airport) in front of the natural phenomena with the priority of earthquakes at national and provincial levels;

Preparing criteria, standards and instructions (environmental, technical, and administrative) for the design, implementation and operational management of transportation and development infrastructure;

Providing new solutions for the development of rapid transit systems in order to accelerate the movement of passengers, agricultural products and other goods in compliance with environmental indicators;

Providing new ways to improve develop and increase the efficiency of transportation systems;

Optimizing energy efficiency and the use of new technologies and renewable energies systems in transport and construction systems;

Development of new technologies (producing new materials and recycling them) in the construction and implementation of structural and transport systems in compliance with the country's natural and human characteristics;

Compiling, developing and implementing civil defense rules and regulations in the area of ​​transportation and construction;

Compiling national environmental methods and standards in order to prevent from air, soil, and water contamination and providing solutions for transportation and chemicals and hazardous waste disposal;

Retrofitting structures and new methods and technologies to increase the safety, efficiency and lifetime in the field of development and transportation.

Compiling sustainable principles, criteria, standards and values ​​in architecture and urban development projects based on Islamic-Iranian principles;

Climate and environmental changes interactions in the design, implementation and operation of biological cities and complexes and transportation infrastructures;

Compiling and developing an integrated management and monitoring system for development projects;

Compiling Urban Development and Architecture Comprehensive Law and national regulations of urban development;

Revising the models and services of development plans from national to local level;

Developing a strategic document to promote construction projects management and impact assessment of the administrative and technical system implementation in construction projects;

Recognizing original values ​​and technologies of architecture and urban development in the past with the aim of utilizing them in the contemporary architecture and urban development;

Seismic zoning for the cities;

Improving the performance of public and strategic buildings of the country.

Research Affairs Department


Dr. J. Sobhani

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