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Commercialization Department


This department, previously known as Secretariat of Innovators, was established in 2010 with the objective of facilitating the communication between BHRC and the Innovators, young ones in particular. At that time, the department was proposed by the executive vice-president and approved by BHRC president to function under the supervision of Training and Technology Development Vice- Presidency.

The department’s code of practice was prepared using existing codes of Technology and Science Parks, Scientific Incubators and other supportive centers. The code of practice was approved on June 30, 2010 and was imparted to the Secretariat of Innovators so that a reasonable deal of ideas and activities result in innovative products by scientific support provided by the center. 


  • Goals
  • - Cooperation in compilation of codes for intellectual properties and findings of the center and facilitating the transfer of research findings rights while observing the center’s rights; 

  • - Facilitating commercializing of the research findings and achievements via licensing findings of researches and innovations;
  • - Coordinating and focusing the efforts and activities of the center, investors and researchers in commercializing research finding and innovations.


  • Responsibilities 
  • - Support from the center in facilitating and paving the way for directing the research findings to the markets and industries by trade marking the findings and technologies; 
  • - Facilitating the transfer of the research findings’ rights observing the center’s rights;
  • - Facilitating the process of commercializing via involved contact with scientific, research and executive centers;
  • - Facilitating proposing and conducting research plans according to the commercialization indices; 
  • - Attracting the cooperation of investors by contacting involved communities and heads of industries;
  • - Completing the chain of innovation to manufacturing in order to make the research findings and intellectual properties applicable for investors of the private sector and cooperatives in line with the center’s objectives and policies;
  • - Participation of the center in national and international exhibitions in order to find markets for innovations and technologies on hand;
  • - Providing legal support on developing research plans and recording the received information;
  • - Supervision on progress of the process and continuous analysis of the achievements with the objective of improving efficiency of plans;
  • - Coordination and organizing of the technical and strategic committee sessions for assessment and judgment proposed plans to the center;
  • - Preparing contracts with innovators and pioneers of plans in coordination with the Office of Planning and Organizing within the framework of the general policies in the center;

    - Cooperation in preparing a draft of code of practice on intellectual and material properties rights in the center;
  • - Designing commercializing processes and flow chart;
  • - Preparing manual instruction for registering, leading and supporting innovative companies.

Commercialization Department


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