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Information Department of Road, Housing and Urban Development


In order to enhance the capabilities, performance, strengthening and expansion of scientific and knowledge resources in building and housing sector in the country by collecting, storing, analyzing, evaluating, updating and presentation of data related to building and housing as well as meeting the needs of many organizations and government agencies to develop a coherent information system; the plan of management of road information, housing and urban development is proposed. 

Main users of this project can be divided into three categories: Public and private sectors and universities each of which has special needs and the center is trying to regulate the details of new data on the construction sector of the country and facilitate the circulation them to respond to these needs.


Creating an efficient information system and standards for facilitating planning, decision-making and research in the field of civil engineering;

Conducting functional and timely assessments of information and providing statistics in the field of civil engineering;

Achieving the most efficient methods of extracting and supplying needed information and statistics;

Developing and improving research and studies in the field of information technology;

Cooperating with all relevant agencies, operators and stakeholders in the field of civil and other scientific and research centers in order to improve the quality of database centers.


Conducting research on different methods of data collection, data processing and data distribution;

Collecting data and information on roads, buildings and transportation by recognizing and establishing a continuous and systematic connection with organizations and data producing institutes;

Need analysis of required information and data for well-conduct of research and executive activities;

Systematic presentation of data and information collection to the involved people in executive, training and research projects;

Conducting research on data types required by public sector, private sector and cooperatives in the country;

Collecting, presenting and dissemination of research findings in research centers and researchers of the private sector including the application of information technology;

Study and developing practical information systems for managers, designer and constructors involved in road and building projects for the purpose of efficiency improvement;

Facilitating the access to international counterparts centers and institutes with the objective of knowledge and experience exchange within the framework of relevant rules and regulations;

Study and select the best software for transforming data to accurate information and for facilitating knowledge acquisition;


Providing counseling services to public, private, training and research centers in the fields of roads, urban development and transportation;

Conducting research on practical aspects of information technology in the fields of roads, building, housing and urban development;

Dissemination of the research results and findings of the center through reports, publications, meetings etc. 

Information Department of Road, Housing and Urban Development


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