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Information Dissemination and Technical Documents Department


Information Dissemination and Technical Documents Department was established and launched in 1974 according to UNDP. This department is one of the first units which was founded at the very beginning of BHRC establishment to collect documents about housing, building, and urban development in order to avail them to be used by experts and interested people. The library has been equipped with computers since 1992 and the resources are accessible through Simorgh software which makes searching the documents on the internet and intranet. 

The library was redesigned in 2005 to make an area of 400 square meters which includes working places, study area for 30 people and library stacks. Due to the merger of the two ministries of “Roads and Transportation” and “Housing and Urban Development” in 2010 the libraries of “Center for Architecture and Urban Development Research and Studies” and “Building and Housing Research Center” were merged as well. 

The merger resulted in adding 2500 Persian and English books, master plans, and research projects to the BHRC library. In 2014, the library lending system was automated and in 2015, the transportation library was included to the BHRC library in adding 4000 Persian and English books. 

- Planning for computerizing documents;

- Organizing eBooks;

- Providing access to more scientific database and journals;

- Mutual cooperation with libraries of organizations and research centers in order to develop and enrich library services;

- Developing Persian and English journal articles.

- Collecting technical and scientific resources about the latest scientific achievements in print and digital format;

- Cooperation with other libraries in the country and the ones in abroad to access national and international databanks;

- Information the books were purchased from the International Book Fair of Tehran and International College Books Fair;

- Periodical announcements on new available books and resources and the library performance;

- Providing information to BHRC staff, students, and researchers of universities and educational institutes, etc. via dependent and codependent memberships;

- Development of  databanks on scientific and technical articles in the fields of roads, building, housing, urban development, and architecture by indexing Persian and English articles of journals and conferences for the purpose of information dissemination and library resources enrichment;

- Collecting and procuring resources from publishers and information producers in print and digital format requested by researchers;

- Organizing the new resources to be used and accessed in the library;

- Providing access to international technical libraries in order to develop and broaden more convenient access to the resources;

- Performing all the activities on launching digital library in full about roads, housing, and urban development.

Available Resources and Archives
The resources are: e-Books, Persian and English Books, Persian and English pamphlets, Persian and English articles in CD and digital resources, Persian and English maps, Persian and English dissertations , Iranian cities master plans and research projects Archiving all the publications printed by BHRC;
- Archiving all the magazines in Persian and English since the library establishment;
- Archiving all of the Journals in English since 2010 in digital form;
- Archiving dissertations of graduated students from the BHRC Institute;
- Archiving master plans;
- Archiving Persian and English standards;
- Archiving research projects;
- Archiving CDs and digital resources.

- CIB , Civilica ,Magiran , KAD
Standard Databanks: 
Building Codes:
-    International Building Code-IBC
-    Canadian Building Code 
-    Building Code of Australia 
-    International Code Council- ICC
-    Building Code of New Zealand
-    National Building Codes

Information Dissemination and Technical Documents Department


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