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Training Affaires Department


The department in cooperation with the research departments has organized and held training courses since 1989. The courses aim at presenting research findings in order to exchange and share the findings and the information with engineers, designers and authorities involved in housing and building construction. Additionally, the courses aim at keep the involved ones updated with the latest findings and providing an opportunity to meet other counterparts. The courses are held at expert and technical levels. As the courses are completed, the participants are given participation certificate. 



Training in the fields of roads, housing and urban development and transportation in order to improve and update technical knowledge of engineers and experts in the fields of new technologies, technical science and technology in the relevant fields (such as safety, saving energy, structure and earthquake, risk, protecting against fire, acoustics, architecture and urban development, dilapidated patterns, transportation systems, materials, bitumen and tar, etc.), rules and regulations, codes and standards, dissemination of research findings and achievements etc. by organizing training courses, conferences, meetings, lectures, technical workshops and virtual courses. 



Compilation and proposing training course annual curriculums required for the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, institutes, organizations and affiliated companies in cooperation with the abovementioned entities;

Dissemination of research findings and achievements of activities conducted by the center by holding training courses and technical workshops in cooperation with research departments;

Managing and supervising the organization of seminars, conferences and meetings at the national and international levels and related national festivals;

Evaluation and revision of the technical training courses topics;

Cooperation in preparation of codes and training manual drafts in order to be approved by the authorities;

Skills assessment, analysis and evaluation of training courses outcomes within the framework of imparted policies and in coordination with the department managers and assessing the lecturers; 

Compilation of referees and editors comments and preparing training documents such as pamphlets and proceedings;

Preparing reports on the organized and held training courses and submitting them to the vice presidencies; 

Planning and supervision on e-learning courses and developing test systems and e-learning systems across the country;

Developing and updating databanks about lecturers, organization managers and participants of training courses in order to contacting them about the courses, seminars, etc.

Training Courses
According to Article 2 of BHRC Statute, one of the duties of the Center is organizing conferences, seminars and training courses in collaboration with relevant authorities. The Training Director of BHRC has held training courses in cooperation with research departments since 1985. The main objective of these training courses is presenting the outcome of researches and studies in order to exchange information and apprise engineers, architects and other authorities of the latest scientific and technical outcomes.

In these training courses the outcome of the research projects are presented in two technical and advanced levels. Participants are issued a certificate at the end of each training course with the approval of the Guidance Training Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The department holds the following seminars and courses:
1.    Seminars and Technical Training Courses;

2.    Technical Training Courses in different cities;

3.    Technical Training Courses for different organizations, institutes, etc.;

4.    Vocational Training Courses;

5.    Scientific and Research based seminars.

Training Affaires Department


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