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Lowshan Vocational College


Lowshan (Aftab Gilan City) is one of the cities located in the center of Rudbar, in the vicinity of Gilan, Qazvin and Zanjan provinces. From industrial standpoint, it is one of the industrial centers in Gilan which includes a vast industrial town and several working manufacturers such as cement factory and Shahid Beheshti power plant and some other small and big towns. The vocational college of Lowshan not only is considered as the major training centers in the city but also is famous for a center that trains operation courses of machines and mechanics of road constructing machines in the country.    



Developing scientific capabilities and improving the skills of labor forces of Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, operation, maintenance of machineries;

Student admission on undergraduate courses, M.S courses passed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in technical fields required for training human forces required by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and Transportation Industries;

Improving professional skills in order to improve competency and qualifications in building and transportation industry, machineries, bitumen and so on. 



Operating Training:

Providing necessary trainings for maintenance of road construction machineries, operation of machines and more the 20 technical training courses of one week such as cartography of the route (elementary and advanced), management of using machineries, learning control and maintenance of machineries, cyclic, hot and cold bitumen and several other training courses. These courses are held with cooperation of competent and experienced professors. After sitting for an exam, students are given competency certificate.   


Vocational Trainings

In addition to the courses being held, there are 15 courses in this center (civil engineering, repair of industrial machineries, information technology, cartographic, technology engineering, and mechanic of road construction machineries). The students are 600 and 100 ones are waiting for their graduation.


Granting special certificates for driving heavy machineries

As the college is equipped with suitable training facilities for recognizing tools and practical driving tests, the college has received permission for holding training courses of driver’s license for heavy machineries and group 1 and 2


Granting competency certificate:

After finishing the practical and theoretical training courses for controlling and maintaining status of machineries, cartography of the route and other technical courses, students are eligible to receive a certificate. 

Lowshan Vocational College


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