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Vocational College of Shahid Tafvizi


 Vocational College of Shahid Tafvizi affiliated to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development was established in 1928 by Professor Hesabi. The college was established with the objective of training technicians and undergraduate students in technical majors required by road transportation departments licensed by the Ministry of Science. The students are admitted through Nation-wide Exam of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. 

Previously, short-term training courses for periods of 6 and 12 months were held and after that these courses were prolonged to long-term training courses at undergraduate degrees. In 1980 and 1990s three training courses for undergraduate students were held and at the same time short term training courses for employees of the ministry for periods of 6 and 12 months were planned and held. In short, before the Islamic Revolution 14 training courses were held for undergrad students of road construction and road maintenance which resulted in training 270 students. 

After the Islamic Revolution to 1999 6 courses of 12 months were held for 199 technicians and 24 undergraduate courses were held for 709 students. After ratification of the article of association in 2004 by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and a permission issued by the College of Vocational Trainings the College of Shahid Tafvizi developed its training courses for the degree B.S. In 2011, after the merger of the two ministries of Roads and Transportation and Housing and Urban Development, the college was merged into BHRC.



Developing scientific and competence of labor forces in the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, companies, contractors and departments of road construction and maintenance, in particular.

Admission of students for the degrees of undergraduate and B.S in order to train labor force for the required responsibilities of the Ministry. 

Improving professional competencies of human resources in the ministry in order to enhance productivity.



Holding training courses for the employees in the fields of management, technical knowledge and engineering;

Holding training courses at undergraduate and B.S degrees for the majors required by the Ministry since 2004, training technical labor force in technical fields of the road construction, maintenance, architecture and buildings and work market. Training courses for the undergraduates and B.S courses include: road construction, road maintenance, mechanics of road machineries, route cartography, welding, software, information technology, industrial cartography, mechanical repairs, maintenance of vehicles, urban traffic and transportation, building construction, architecture and design of the dilapidated patterns, etc.;

Improving technical knowledge of the managers of different hierarchies



Compilation and planning for conducting training courses for abroad (student exchange programs and inviting professors)

Implementation of comprehensive training system of the Ministry of the Roads and Urban Development staff;

Launching the website of training for training the staff;

Enhancing technical knowledge of the supervisor engineers and holding especial training courses. 

Vocational College of Shahid Tafvizi



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